i have been trying to find a blazer for work for a while now. i found a few cute ones but every time i actually try one on i still feel like a little kid wearing my mother's clothes. so when i saw this cardigan on gap i got really excited... it looks like a blazer but is less structured and stuffy:: 

also: the perfect pair of black jeggings- these are seriously the most comfortable pants i own.



  1. It is so dang hard to find blazer jackets these days.... at least ones that fit right :P I feel ya, Jillian.

    This cardigan is very cute though (:


  2. I love your blog, holy smokes! Seriously, your layout is probably one of my favorites. It's so neat and clean and organized but yet still trendy and cute.. Love it!

  3. how great is the gap? i like that cardi because you can dress it up or down. are you getting it??


  4. that blazer looks so cozy! and the black jeggings, i think i need those too. blogging is not very good for my wallet...too much eye candy!

  5. @samiam-- thanks for the sweet message-that was so nice of you!
    @ashley--yess i think im actually going to buy this one, i think it'll be a good investment piece for work
    @kristen--the jeggings are ahhhmazing! they are so comfy and make your legs look super skinny.

  6. the color of that blazer is heavenly--great find! I agree with Kristen though, my wallet is not working well with blogging ;) xoxo {av}

  7. @av + kristen--- i totally agree..my shopping wishlist seems to be never ending!

  8. so cute! I've been looking for a blazer too, but all of them are so bulky that with my bigger chest they make me look like a square or that I'm wearing a snow suit. I love Gap. Their clothes are so comfy and well constructed. I definitely want to check out this sweater.

  9. That cardi is so nice and simple with out the bulkiness of a blazer.


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