fashion on the frontline.

this is the first year that my whole family isn't going to be together for christmas... so weird. it has always been my parents, and the three of us -me, my older brother andy and my younger brother nick.

this year i'm bringing h home, and andy's girlfriend amy and her two (adorable & hilarious) kids will be celebrating with our family on christmas eve. i have no doubt it will be a nice holiday but i know everyone will be missing nick... i got an email from him and thought i would share::

first a little side note-- my little brother has always been stylish. he is the type of person who can pull off anything-- an ugly christmas cosby sweater? check. cowboy boots? check. a ridiculously tacky Hawaiian cubs shirt? checkkkk. so i was thrilled to see that his style hasn't been stifled even while he is stationed in Afghanistan...

So i have an interpreter assigned to my platoon. his name is Sam and he is from Kabul Afghanistan.  Anyway he gave me this scarf and I wear it almost all the time.  I know this picture is dark but i figured you'd like it since you're such a fashionista!  (i was looking at your blog).. haha and you'll note my hair is probably as long as it's ever been in my life. (well except in the mullet days.)

miss ya sis!

love you,


ah cute. so a big thank you to everyone serving overseas and merry christmas!!


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