easy appetizer.

last night i went to a friends house for an early christmas dinner. the hostess did a fantastic job putting everything together and dinner was delicious. the thing i loved most about her dinner parties are always the appetizers-- especially the crostinis. this little treat combines three of my favorite things: bread, pesto and goat cheese. it is an easy appetizer with a lot of flavor.

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  1. coincidence: I also LOVE pesto, goat cheese, and bread. thanks for the idea...sounds super easy, but mostly super tasty! xo

  2. this is totally what i need for those holiday parties.
    ps--i have a giveaway i think you'd like.

  3. those look amazing!!!

  4. Three of my favorite things too! I'm going to have to try this next time I have people over.

    And P.S. You just commented on my blog (www.wherewelove.blogspot.com) and that's how I found you. Your blog is just too cute!

  5. oooh that sounds delish too! I could eat goat cheese forever.

  6. They not only taste great, but I love the bright green color on the crostini. Just lovely!!!


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