i want to go there {cuba}.

after h and i booked our trip to barcelona next year we started were talking about the other places we want to travel; italy, greece, turkey and argentina top our list. h said he wanted to go to cuba but didn't know how we could get there since cuba is still on the no-go list for american tourists. i stumbled along these photos and now i'm on board {or at least ready to do more research}. 



  1. I've always wanted to go there to! I thought Americans were allowed to go now?

  2. You should visit Greece when you can make it! The islands are stunning and Athens is so beautiful.

    My boyfriend is Greek so I head out with him at least once a year. The food, scenery, beaches and sea are well worth it!

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  3. GAH! I loooooove Barcelona. Can I come in your suitcase?? I am so jealous. Looks like we've got similar travel taste bc Argentina is at the top of my & the hubs list too!

  4. @jaymay- i tried to lookup flights and you can't fly to cuba from america, so we're thinking we could go to toronto or montreal and then havana.
    @ruth- Greece once a year?! LUCKY! i am dying to go...someday :)
    @katie- i have heard such great things about argentina, apparently its the "paris of south america"
    thank you for the lovely comments xoxo jcd


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