weekend review.

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good morning and happy monday! this weekend was another relaxing (and productive) one. i got a little more christmas shopping done and finally found time to work on my parents present (more on that after the holidays so i don't ruin the surprise).

on saturday i made chicken enchiladas, h approved and almost ate the whole pan (standard!) later that night we treated ourselves to a mass amount of ice cream (i finally took care of that craving from the other week). on sunday i met the girls for our monthly brunch at milk and honey cafe, i've been wanting to go here for a while and it lived up to my expectations (i split banana walnut waffles and an egg/bacon panini with a friend). for sunday dinner h and his dad finally convinced me to conquer my food fears and we got Ethiopian! it reminded me of Indian ...and it was delicious (go figure). so yeah...lots and lots of eating- i guess i'm just trying to prepare for the upcoming holiday. 

happy monday- i am ready for a short work week!


  1. I love chicken enchiladas!! So yummy! I too am ready for a short week.

    Happy Monday!


  2. those are too cute! oh make sure to stop by...i think you'll be pleased life spelled jen


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