trim the tree.

now that thanksgiving is offically over it's socially acceptable to put up and decorate your christmas tree. h and i put ours up the day after halloween... judge if you will but we were too excited to wait! it was our very first christmas tree together and the first one we have had outside of our parents house. our tree is tiny, it's 3ft tall but it fits perfectly in our living room. we used a lot of our own things around the house to decorate the tree (keepsakes from trips) and bought itty bitty bulbs from target. next year we'll get lights and maybe a few of these decorations::

5. block word ornament_urban outfitters $12.00 (i like the classic 'love' in gold)


  1. # 5 and 6 are my faves! Great inspirational look.


  2. Cute ornaments! Do you have a real tree? I hope it doesn't dry out before Christmas!

  3. @thetsarista no worries-its a fake one :) we didnt want to deal with the mess of a real one.

  4. Love love love the West Elm Star ornaments :) I'd love a tree in all silver and gold myself!

  5. oh no our family hasn't set up our tree. :D

  6. I love them all!! Oh how I love Christmas.


mucho thanks for the blog love! xo

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