lets hope this trend sticks.

green living. sustainable design. environmentally friendly. reduce your carbon footprint! buy and eat local.... any of this sound familiar? eco-conscious products are finally fashionable and they seem to be appearing everywhere- it's a trend that i hope continues for the long-run. over the past year i have made some SIMPLE changes that have made it really easy being green (promise!)

1. reduce or ELIMINATE your use of napkins and paper towels. sure they are convenient but these paper products are also very wasteful and expensive. save some cash and trade your paper napkins for cloth ones. yes old fashioned cloth napkins...they are a great investment and will class up your dinner table while eliminating waste. maintenance: wash and reuse!  set of six: nifty napkins_anthropologie $32.00

2. 1 hour on the treadmill. forever in a landfill. do you remember the commercial? the reality is there's really nothing special about bottled water- (watch: blue gold: world water warsand theres no reason you should be shelling out $1.99 only to throw away the bottle immediately after consumption. recycling is good- but it still takes a lot of energy to recycle so its better to REDUCE our plastic addiction. i'll admit i like the occasional soda but i drink a LOT of water during the week so i invested in a few re-usable water bottles and a brita water filter::  Bike Aluminum Water Bottle_Target Green Brita Pitcher_Target = responsible drinking. 

3. invest in a good set of tupperware. i bring my lunch to work almost every day and in the past i used multiple plastic baggies for all my goodies...then threw them away. now i use tupperware for everything- it adds a little more bulk to my bag but its well worth it to save a little cash and reduce waste. Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Set_Target 34 pieces/$19

4. use reusable grocery bags. sounds like a no-brainer huh? plastic grocery bags in LA are prohibited but go to any grocery store in chicago and there's TONS of people with lots o plastic bags. it's all about getting into the habit of bringing a few bags with to the store (AND on any other shopping trip!). Reusable bags are typically much stronger than plastic bags so they can hold more---and they are much more stylish. i love this one: alphabetbag $19.93

5. replace your light bulbs. trade up your classic bulbs (incandescent) for compact fluorescent light bulbs and you'll reduce your energy consumption and save money.

ps the pretty green print can be found here:: tree poolga's version by judy kaufmann


  1. The cloth napkins sound like a really good idea. Dark colored ones might be best to reduce unsightly, stubborn stains, too. Thanks for the tip!

  2. very true! we use a solid dark navy set at home and they have lasted for quite a while :)

  3. Wow ... fabulous ideas. I adore cloth napkins. When I was a kid, we only used them for special occasions. Now, since they are such an earth-friendly alternative to paper napkins, we use them all the time. I shop thrift stores and garage sales for them (it's amazing how many show up) and when I have clothing that's no longer usable, I cut them up into squares and voila ... napkins.

    If you have a minute, stop by my blog tomorrow (Wednesday). I host a weekly "green" challenge ... it's a lot of fun and participants usually have great ideas for walking a little gentler on the earth. Here's the link: http://reducefootprints.blogspot.com

    Have a great week!


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