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hoosier mama.

lately pie has been my go to comfort food-- i have a bit of a sweet tooth (understatement of the century). when i discovered there was a homemade pie shop within walking distance of my apt i had to check it out... and the result was pure bliss. hoosier mama is tiny but very cute, and the pies pack a lotta flavor. i have tried the pecan, pear and apple (pictured above) pies. the chocolate cream with bananas and the lemon meringue pies are next on my list. they also make savory pies for those of you who worry about cavities. the chicken pot pie or quiche luann (creamy quiche with bacon, onion and cheddar) both sound like a delicious dinner options. 

do yourself a favor and take a break from the cupcake and try a piece of pie. 
location: 1618 1/2 chicago avenue, just west of ashland... def worth the trip.


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  1. I died for the name of this pie joint...being a native Hoosier, it spoke right to me! My husband will absolutely need to go there sometime in the future--he's a huge apple pie lover! Thanks for sharing! xo