cornflake dreams.: holiday review.


holiday review.

happy monday! i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. i got to celebrate thanksgiving twice, first on thursday with my family (25 people!) and then on saturday with h's family (5 people). both dinners were v memorable, with wayyy too many leftovers.

i am a sucker for traditions and i was happy to participate in a few of theses over the weekend. at easter, christmas and thanksgiving my family always gets together for dinner and afterwards we sign the table cloth. weird huh? once you sign the table cloth with a sharpie your autograph is embroidered in holiday appropriate colors. it's fun to see who attended and how our signatures have changed over the years. one easter i signed my name 'jillian dicaprio'...needless to say i had a bit of a crush on leo in middle school. 



  1. Thats great!! My family also has a tablecloth that has been signed by everyone in the family! It's really fun when someone marries/divorces and you get to look back and see whose name is on it!!

  2. exactly!! we always try to put a dish over one of my cousin's ex's signature. ahhh memories :)

  3. That is so cute! 20sb is giving me so many tradition ideas for when I have a family one day! (I'm not sure if my first comment went through or not!)