dressing room.

Welcome to my dressing room! after reading this post on haute apple pie about mom-caves i thought --hey! I have one of those! well sorta like a glorified closet space but i think it still counts.

The room is tiny (9ft x 6ft) and holds the only closet in our apt (h has a similar size dressing room with an armour and lots of shelving AND he has a man/reading cave upstairs that doubles as a guest room). My dressing room was a blank slate when we started to decorate the apt. H painted 3 walls gray and one wall a pretty periwinkle color. I added sick-on circle floral graphics, moved in the furniture and everything was organized v quickly. if i had a little more space i would love to have a desk, but the room works well as a closet.

1. We found an old switch plate when we moved in and i painted it with the periwinkle paint we used for the accent wall.
2. I found these amazing (and easy to use!) wall stick-on graphics here: bloom graphics
3. The iron fleur-de-lis hook is from our trip to new orleans and is perfect for hanging up necklaces.
4. Custom labels to keep my office, gift wrapping supplies, and photographs organized
5. A basket for all of my scarves (it's usually a bit messier than this...)
6. I store some of my shoes in white plastic boxes from the container store. In order to see what is inside I cut down old plastic photo protector pages down to size, taped them to the boxes and inserted photos of the shoes.


  1. yay for your lady cave!! That switchplate is gorgeous. I totally want it.

  2. that switchplate is fabulous..



  3. Looks so nice and organzied. Love the blue




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