crab cakes.

i am a bit of a crab cakes today. i am having a rough morning- even tho it's friday and payday. anyhoo i saw this pet peeve post the other week and it made me laugh a lot. it also inspired me to do some healthy venting:

things that bother me wayyy more than they should
1. subscription cards stuffed in magazines
2. people who get up on the bus or train and rush to the door LONG before their stop (only to push aside other people who are getting off at the SAME stop!)
3. the sound of nelson's haw-haw laugh from 'the simpsons'-- UGHHH grates my soul.
4. sniffing and snorting... i beg you PLEASE just go blow your nose.
5. drinking straight out of the milk/juice/water/whatever its-not-just-yours-container..yechs.
6. losing things. so so frustrating.

ok done raging...promise. what are your pet peeves?



  1. haha too cute
    and I agree, Nelson's laugh is uber annoying.

  2. so funny :) and also i have something to cheer you up! you're the winner of the quilt giveaway on my blog. i hope you love it! http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2010/11/thursday-giveaway_18.html

    just email me with your mailing address and we'll have it sent right to you xoxo joanna_goddard at yahoo, thank you so much!!

  3. YAHHHHH!!! today is looking up :) what wonderful news xoxxo jcd

  4. Oh, thats too funny! I LOVE Nelson's laugh! I couldn't tell you why...it just works for me. sometimes I even bust it out in public, when someone bites it. Horrible, right? Long story short, your blog is cute, and made me laugh. But not like Nelson, swears.

  5. @rose i laughed OUT loud to your post.. way way too funny :)


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