cornflake dreams.: time to celebrate.


time to celebrate.

groooovy huh? those are my parents...when they were teenagers, and this weekend we're celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary! wowzahs! 

happy friday! this weekend is suppose to be rainy and cold, luckily i have a few things to look forward to. Saturday H and I are starting the day with our standard saturday trip to the library to read for a bit, and then we're going to the outlet mall to start christmas shopping (JOY!!) Saturday night we're meeting family for my parents anniversary celebration. i ordered a carrot cake from alliance bakery (on milwaukee ave in wicker park) and i am super excited to see how it turns out. 

sunday is game day, daaaa bears are playing and my bestie is throwing a little party -i cant wait for her tasty tailgate chili and cornbread!! i am making mini pumpkin cupcakes. stay warm and enjoy your weekend!



  1. oh my GOSH! Don't you love old pictures of your parents? SO fantastic!

  2. hah totally, its so bizarre seeing my dad with hair :)

  3. I made your blog!! Yay!
    P.S. Great pic of your parents...they're so happy!

  4. I know this post is très old now, but I only just spotted it & had to comment on the fact that you are the spit of your mum!!! It's an almost creepy uncanniness. P.S. In another creepy fashion, I'd just like to say...your dad was hot. to. trot! That is all. x