i want to go there {Morocco}

A family friend recently visited Morocco and the photos were beeeautiful. The architecture is so detailed and intricate- everything looks so exotic. If (when) I am lucky enough to visit Morocco i have a feeling i will be a constant state of awe...for now it has been added to the top of my travel wishlist. 
Hassan II Mosque [highest religious minaret in the world- 200 meters]
i love the teal/blue colors and all the detail in the tile
Hassan II Mosque- Casablanca, Morocco

beautiful hand painted mosaic tiles inside of the Mosque

marrakech, morocco market
this would be dangerous, i'd want to buy everything

sahara desert, morocco -- camel ride? ummm yes please.

wowzahs! the desert looks so peaceful. can you believe this photo? 


p.s. a big thank you to Emily for letting me steal these photos :)

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