cornflake dreams.: something to warm you up.


something to warm you up.

i don't know about you but i am in serious need of a hot damn hot vacation. the weather in chicago has been bitter lately and i dread going outside. ready. set. mini-virtual vaca and go...

bob marley is on my playlist today.
think warm thoughts. (and go bears!)


  1. Omg, so beautiful. I'm in desperate need for a vacation. So sick of the crappy weather here in Utah!! Blah.


  2. So with you! Let's jet set away to that second photo asap, pleeease!

  3. Merci for the mini-vacay...I'm ready to go NOW.

    Congrats on the Bears win...I'm a Colts fan so I am struggling watching this Jets/Pats game ;)

    Spring is 63 days away. We. can. do. it.
    xoxo {av}

  4. This is pretty much what the weather has been like here this weekend. 80 degrees and spent the day at the beach yesterday. Actually, many of my friends went up to the snow this weekend. Guess the grass is usually greener :)

  5. @av-- thanks lady! we have a friend who is a big colts fan so he was disapointed with that game.
    and OMG rach youre killing me! :) so jealous.