resolutions for the new year.

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my five resolutions for 2010::
1. spend more time with the girls.
keep up with monthly brunches, dinners, and lunches with my favorites. 
2. walk-it-out with h after dinner. 
once the weather gets warmer, h and i have decided we need to start going on little walks after dinner. 
3. workout 4x a week
i am looking forward to this one. i have a gym in my office building so i actually enjoy leaving at noon and working out for a bit-- it's a great stress reliever. 
4. no more online shopping. 
this includes etsy. ughhh this might be rough. i need a way to keep my shopping in check and online sales are pretty hard for me to resist.
5. only one trash-tastic reality show per season.
jersey shore. jerseylicious. keeping up with the khardashians. kendra. guiliana and bill. downsized. real housewives of atlanta... omg, i watch wayyy too much of this crap.

do you make new years resolutions? do you tend to keep them? 

celebrate in style.

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celebrate in style tonight and have a wonderful (and safe) new years! 
xoxo jcd


game, set, match.

these classic looks by hermes make me want to take tennis lessons...or just watch the royal tenenbaums::

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take a walk.

i had a french professor in college who told us stories about walking his kitten named theo (i wish i was joking). this photo made me think of him... mon dieu! 

have a lovely day!


victoria beckham was on the view yesterday (i know i know... but i'm on vacation this week and that means i get to watch trashy daytime tv)... anyhoo she showed a few dresses from her fall/winter line. the dresses were gorgeous- simple silhouettes with striking details (like exposed zippers on the back). 



so thankful.

i am thankful for so many things and people this year. two of my favorite christmas gifts were from h:: juxtapoz handmade and listography journal: your life in lists. both books are v entertaining. jh is a great coffee table book filled with images of handmade art (the paper cut outs by peter callesen are amazing- he makes plain white paper appear to be alive). listography is a fun journal full of questions and topics to fill out (for example: list bad things you did as a kid). i have already started filling out some of the lists and i plan to ask h the questions and fill out his answers in another color. 

santa (my family and h's family) was super generous this year and apparently reads my blog. a few of my favorite gifts included: this bag, locket, shoescalendar and coffee table. h and i also got a new crock pot (JOY!) and i want to get cookin...anyone have any good recipes or crock pot blogs? what was your favorite gift this year?


victorian love.

i watched the young victoria the other day, while h was at work, and i really liked it. (not a huge surprise since my favorite film is sense and sensibility---another British period love story). i cannot stop thinking about how sweet albert was and how much i liked emily blunt as the pretty, outgoing, and spirited queen victoria. i really enjoyed watching their relationship develop through letters and occasional visits. if you're into period dramas, british accents, beautiful clothing (it won an oscar for best costume design) and sets, love stories loosely based on historical events and people then watch this movie. 

ps i LOVE the "living in" blog posts design sponge puts together---and was happy to see one devoted to the young victoria.


gatsby gowns.

i am a huge art deco fan and as soon as i saw these dresses i was smitten... 

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pucci petals.

in love with these pre-spring looks from pucci... 



{holiday} link love.

my favorite holiday posts of the week::
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living in: a charlie brown christmas ah d*sponge is the best.
i want this puppy...aaaaaadorable.
freebie:: download holiday tags.
classic:: the rockettes.
non-traditional trees.
besties really are the best.
another freebie:: christmas typography sign
fun with cookie dough!


fashion on the frontline.

this is the first year that my whole family isn't going to be together for christmas... so weird. it has always been my parents, and the three of us -me, my older brother andy and my younger brother nick.

this year i'm bringing h home, and andy's girlfriend amy and her two (adorable & hilarious) kids will be celebrating with our family on christmas eve. i have no doubt it will be a nice holiday but i know everyone will be missing nick... i got an email from him and thought i would share::

first a little side note-- my little brother has always been stylish. he is the type of person who can pull off anything-- an ugly christmas cosby sweater? check. cowboy boots? check. a ridiculously tacky Hawaiian cubs shirt? checkkkk. so i was thrilled to see that his style hasn't been stifled even while he is stationed in Afghanistan...

So i have an interpreter assigned to my platoon. his name is Sam and he is from Kabul Afghanistan.  Anyway he gave me this scarf and I wear it almost all the time.  I know this picture is dark but i figured you'd like it since you're such a fashionista!  (i was looking at your blog).. haha and you'll note my hair is probably as long as it's ever been in my life. (well except in the mullet days.)

miss ya sis!

love you,


ah cute. so a big thank you to everyone serving overseas and merry christmas!!


buttons and ruffles.

i love the pretty little detail on this dress:: 
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love where you live.

tomorrow, h and i are going to my parents house out in the far western burbs for christmas eve and christmas. i love visiting them because the country is so peaceful and quiet-- sooo different from the city. visiting the country also has the tendency to remind me of all the things i love about my home in the city.

Chicago Magazine listed '40 reasons to love chicago' these are my top 5 picks:  

1. because every neighborhood is its own awesome universe (I've lived in Lakeview, Logan's Square & West Town--all uniquely awesome)
2. because at least we can dress stylishly in local fashion
3. because there's awesome food on almost every corner. (h's family is a good influence and this year i have become more adventurous in the food dept- Cuban, Indian, Ethiopian, Persian)
4. because as a center of architectural innovation, we can still strut our stuff
5. because chicago's own wgn morning news makes my day (every morning). ...ok this wasn't on chicago magazine's list but it should have been. 

what do you love about your city?


pretty in plum.

i am in love with these purple runway looks...
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make time to laugh.

oliva palermo in vouge espana



sweet little shift.

how sweet is this little shift dress from veronica beard? it reminds me of something twiggy would wear...

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easy appetizer.

last night i went to a friends house for an early christmas dinner. the hostess did a fantastic job putting everything together and dinner was delicious. the thing i loved most about her dinner parties are always the appetizers-- especially the crostinis. this little treat combines three of my favorite things: bread, pesto and goat cheese. it is an easy appetizer with a lot of flavor.

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the wrigley building.

i just realized the other day that i am way behind on my architecture posts-sorry!
chicago is full of gorgeous buildings and i am lucky enough to pass quite a few of them on my way to work. one of my favorites is nicknamed 'the jewel of the mile' (aka the magnificent mile). the wrigley building has beautiful detail and a lot of history and it looks particularly pretty during the holidays::

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bumble and bumble.

i am a little obsessed with b&b. every time i browse their style book i want to run to the hair salon. loving these short looks:: 

last minute gift idea:: live fully travel bag $24



friday link love.

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hello lovelies and happy friday!! this weekend we have a whole lotta family plans. on saturday, h and i are hanging out w his dad before he leaves to visit family in Iran. sunday we are celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family before my grandparents fly south to Florida for the winter (lucky ducks!)

a few of my favorite posts this week::
another ahhhmazing wishlist.
NPR's 50 favorite albums of 2010 (h's list coming soon!)
the perfect appetizer
is it weird that im not engaged but i like to look at wedding photos? didn't think so... love these vintage bottles centerpieces AND feathers!
quite possibly one of my favorite giveaways to date
cute date ideas for you and your man (ow ow!)
love love the luis vuitton lookbook
how fun are these festive pieces?!
how is it my wishlist seems never-ending. blogs are bad news bears.
what a refreshing challenge.
one of my absolute favorite songs on the singoff!

also--a BIG thank you to everyone who follows and has posted such sweet comments this week. i am so happy i started this blog and i really appreciate all of your suppport!
have a lovely weekend!
xoxo- jcd


after we booked our trip to portland h and i started to reminisce about our visit new orleans last year. it was our first real trip together, and the first time either of us have been to the city. we fell in love with the weather, music, architecture, and gorgeous gardens. here are a few of my favorite photos:
the city is alive with music.

hahah love love this pic of h... we had fun in the mask shops

loved the architecture and detail in the french quarter

our little voodoo doll! (he is hanging out in our christmas tree now)

the streetcars were SO much fun

if you haven't visited new orleans i would highly recommend a trip. what is your favorite city to visit?





i have been trying to find a blazer for work for a while now. i found a few cute ones but every time i actually try one on i still feel like a little kid wearing my mother's clothes. so when i saw this cardigan on gap i got really excited... it looks like a blazer but is less structured and stuffy:: 

also: the perfect pair of black jeggings- these are seriously the most comfortable pants i own.


pretty little details.

love the stitching detail on this dress, and those perfectly pink lips:: 
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solid gold.

gold spring 2011 pre-collection picks {emilio pucci, gucci, DNKY} :: 


ps the golden globe award nominations are in
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