five things.

It's August! How did that happen so fast?! I'm excited for a low-key weekend with lots of tasty food. Here are a few things on my mind today... 
Cambron, Amy, Shelby, and Ally
ONE: I met up with some more Charleston bloggers last night at Bin 152 and indulged in a realllly tasty charcuterie and cheese board. 
TWO: Now that I am in charge of cooking dinners in our house, I have been relying on Pinterest for dinner inspiration. Cheddar baked chicken fingers, turkey bacon avocado summer pasta, and ratatouille for two with goat cheese, tomato sauce and veggies over couscous were all winners in our house. I am excited to try to make korean beef and one pot chicken risotto next! 
draped henley tunic / varsity-stripe tee / black herringbone vest / classic plaid button-up

THREE: I am loving Jcrew Factory's new arrivals -- the navy and burgundy tops are making me excited about FALL.

FOUR: My July Houzz ideabook is all about decorating your office space on a budget! I miss having an office -- so that'll be a priority in our next apartment rental or house.

FIVE: H's friend is visiting this weekend with his girlfriend. We're meeting up with him on tonight and I can't wait to try a new-to-me Charleston restaurant.

Have a great weekend!


#TBT travel to santorini, greece.

I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants the other day... haha I know, probably not the best use of my time, but I couldn't turn it off because I wanted to see Rory running around in Santorini! Greece is one of the prettiest places I have visited and I would love to return someday. Let's get lost in some wanderlust worthy photos...
all photos c/o my photographer husband h :)
What is your favorite travel destination?

p.s. I am sharing my five travel essentials for Greece on Bedknobs and Baubles today.


11 in 11 - my Charleston to-do list.

Now that I have a part-time work schedule, I have more free time to do the things that I have always wanted to do. And to keep me from wasting all of my time watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and all things Bravo, I decided to make a list. Here are eleven things that I want to do in the next eleven months (yahh accountability!)

1. Bike over the Ravenel Bridgeif you have visited Charleston then chances are you know the huge white bridge I am taking about. It has a dedicated biking/walking path and I'd love to ride from our place downtown, across the bridge and back. 
2. Bake bread. I'd love to make my own sour dough, pretzel rolls, and ciabatta bread from scratch.
3. Learn how to drive again. Ugh. After over 7 years of not driving I am not thrilled to jump into the drivers seat again, but I know it's something I need to get over and learn again. 
4. Take a class on Skillshare and learn something new.
5. Try a Pinterest DIY. I am so terrible at DIY's that I deleted my DIY board a long time ago. It's time to try a project! 
6. Master a difficult yoga pose. I need to work on crow -- I can never stay up for more than a few seconds and it's really frustrating. 
7. Get on a boat! One of my favorite parts about my trip to the Bahamas was spending the day on a boat, and since I live near the ocean I neeeeed to make my way onto a boat before the end of the summer. 
8. Try a water aerobics class. Sounds like fun right?!
9. Read at least 6 books. I would say a book a month but I'm only half way through Outlander and I have been at it for weeks, I guess I get distracted very easily. 
10. Learn how to use our paparazzi camera. 
11. Make a photo book of our adventures in Charleston. 
Do you have any new goals or to-do's?


loving lately: tan crossbodys + clutches.

I recently noticed that I don't have a small tan bag... how did that happen? I have quite a few larger purses but I really want something that doesn't weigh me down, in a light color that works for Summer and Fall. And yes, I  know it's too early to talk about Fall but it helps me justify a purchase if I can use an item throughout multiple seasons! Here are my favorites: 

Which bag is your favorite?

p.s. stop by A Squared blog today! I'm talking all about my favorite food and restaurants.


life lately + living in the South.

Well we have been living in Charleston for over a month now! I thought it was about time I share an update on the things I love and things I am getting used to in my new city. 
I am loving:
The weather - Lately it has been HOT with temps in the high 90's and humidity. But it's been manageable since I tend to stay indoors during the really hot part of the day 12-3 pm-ish. It's also Summer - it is supposed to be hot! So, if we can make it through the summer then I will welcome Fall, Winter, and Spring with open arms :) 
The people - Pretty much everyone I have met has been really sweet and welcoming -- apparently "Southern hospitality" is alive and well in Charleston! 
Our neighborhood - I am so happy that we live downtown and we're able to take long walks after dinner and on the weekends. The historic homes and gardens are beautiful.
The food - H and I have a long list of restaurants we'd like to try - I'll keep you posted on which places we love. So far the chocolate croissant from Belgian Gelato is pretty tasty -- and flaky! And I am a little obsessed with sandwiches from Queen Street Grocery.
The shopping - There are tons of shops on nearby King street and even more sprinkled throughout the city... I have a feeling that I am not going to do very much online shopping in the future. 
Biking - It's sooo laid back in Charleston (compared to Chicago). I've only seen a handful of other bikers who wear helmets, and I suspect that is because the drivers are super cautious around bikers (a welcome change!) 

Of course no place is perfect and there have been a few issues with our rental... 
BUGS. omg. We had ants in our kitchen when we first moved in, but thankfully we have taken care of them. After that we had to deal with palmetto bugs (aka hugeeee cockroaches that fly!!!) They are pretty terrifying and I am praying we don't see anymore. We also have spotted a few wasps buzzing around our house (which apparently eat the palmetto bugs), but I am so scared of being stung, so we have killed those too.
Crazy powerful thunder showers. I am used to living in a 4-story condo building, so our carriage house has been an adjustment. The other night it stormed so hard that our windows rattled and the whole house shook! I sort of felt like I lived in a "play-house" that should be in some mansion's back yard. Yep... I need to remind myself that the location is perfect, and we're just living here for a year. 
Mold. ugh. this is the worst issue. We recently discovered that we have mold in our lower kitchen cabinets. We sealed them up to avoid additional exposure and our landlord is working on removing the mold and replacing the cabinets. In the meantime our tiny kitchen just got smaller because we can't use some of the cabinets. Hopefully the issue is resolved soon -- or we'll be apartment hunting again.

What Charleston posts do you want to see in the future?
Favorite restaurants, shops? Things to see or do? Photography of historic homes?


five things.

Cheers to the weekend!! It's heating up in Charleston with temps reaching into the mid-90's (sounds like the perfect excuse for more ice cream!) Here are five other things on my mind: 
shop photo by Olivia Rae James
ONE: I attended a blogger meet-up earlier this week at Eclectic Charleston. The interior design studio and shop specializing in vintage, costal, and modern pieces -- I was in love with all the colors and patterns! I was also thrilled to meet some of my favorite Charleston bloggers (Shelby of Recent Somethings, Chassity of Look Linger Love, and Megan of Fried Green Pickles). I wore my new LOFT dress (it's still on sale!)

TWO: My best friend introduced me to TheSkimm -- do you subscribe to this? It's a daily e-mail newsletter with a quick and entertaining rundown of the top news stories. Never be out of the loop on major news events again. I love it.

THREE: I am working on getting back into a workout routine but it's been a little difficult. I miss having a gym in my office building and a set of classes that I love. However, I have attended a few yoga classes at a nearby gym and for the most part they have been great. I also finally purchased a lighter Manduka (my favorite brand) yoga mat + sling, which will make trips to the gym easier. 

FOUR: H recorded the documentary 112 Weddings a few weeks ago and after I read more about it on A Cup of Jo I really want to watch it this weekend. The filmmaker is a wedding videographer and he revisits 9 of his favorite couples to see how their relationship has changed over time. Has anyone else seen it?

FIVE: My giveaway with Candy Shop Vintage is ending soon, don't miss your chance to win rose gold Charleston Rice Beads - I'll be totally jealous of whoever wins this one ;) 

Have a great weekend! 


etsy summer picks.

I have added quite a few new shops to my Etsy favorites list and I thought it was about time that I share all of my summer picks. 
the waves painting $46 (I love the calming colors and textures) - pom pom shorts $29 (perfect for a tropical vacation or lounging around on a hot summer day) - delicate gold ring $18 (stack them up!) - handmade roman grecian sandals $36 (these remind me of sandals I bought in Florence!) flamingo art print $18 - dewdrop necklace $24+ (in gold or silver perfect for layering)

Do you have any new favorite Etsy shops?

p.s. have you entered the Candy Shop Vintage Charleston Rice Beads giveaway yet?! 
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