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shop crush: sophie & lili.

I discovered Sophie & Lili on Instagram a few weeks ago after Oh Joy! shared an adorable vignette of Instagram photos she created for her. The vignette is part of the #igwatercolorstories series. It's such a creative and unique concept! When Jennifer Vallez, the Illustrator and designer behind Sophie & Liliannounced she was taking requests for commissioned watercolor stories, I knew I wanted one for Violet's nursery. I picked out some of my favorite Instagram photos -- they are special photos that'll always remind me of our first few months with Violet in Charleston. A few weeks later I received my one-of-a-kind watercolor print:I know the print will be something that I will hold onto forever and I can't wait to see it hanging up in Violet's nursery. Jennifer also makes adorable handmade plush dolls -- I have my eye on a custom doll and mermaid doll for Vi. I'm also tempted to order a set of semi-custom notecard set -- I just can't decide between the little girl with pigtails or a bob (seriously too cute!). Update: follow Sophie and Lili on Instagram to take advantage of a 30% off 2-day sale starting this Friday (7/31) 
What are your favorite creative shops? 
Have you found any of your favorite shops through Instagram?


friday five.

Happy Friday! You know the drill -- I'm linking up with April today to share a few things on my mind:
*even in my sleep deprived state it bugs me the ecard on the right uses To instead of Too... but I didn't have the energy to edit it in photoshop so we'll let it slide this time :)
ONE: Vi is going through the dreaded four month sleep regression. Last night was really difficult and I lost track of how many times I woke up. H and I are exhausted and all of our googling hasn't left us with a ton of options. We are considering sleep training (aka the cry-it-out method) but the thought of having her cry and not being able to comfort her makes me want to cry. Has anyone else tried it? Or do you have any other suggestions?!? love, sleepless in Charleston.

TWO: And if all that sleep stuff wasn't enough -- Vi has been busting out of her swaddle at night! (so scary for a mama who is constantly thinking about safe sleep). She's transitioned from a traditional swaddle to a Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket (we have this one). I LOVE how easy it is to put on (and unzip for nighttime diaper changes). Halo is hosting a great giveaway over on their Facebook page -- you can enter to win a HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper + SleepSack Swaddle. HALO Innovations is dedicated to putting the health, safety and well-being of babies first. Learn more about safe sleep practices here.
THREE: Did you know Minted sells CAKE stands! These are so it too early to start planning Vi's birthday party?!
FOUR: Dove sent over a sample of their Summer body wash and soap. It's specially formulated to deal with skin that has battled with humidity + wind (hello, summers in the south!). And it smells fantastic. H is a big Dove fan so he was excited to try it too :)
FIVE: It seems like everyday someone new is running for president. If you're curious to see how the candidates line up with your beliefs, take this quiz! H and I were both aligned with Bernie Sanders.

Have a great weekend! 


loving lately: the classics.

Lately I have been realllly sick of my clothes. Don't you wish there was a reset button for your closet? Unfortunately it's been a long time since I have been shopping in an actual store (Violet hasn't developed an appreciation for retail quite yet), so I'm sticking to online browsing for now. I have my eye on a few classic pieces that I know will be easy to incorporate into my existing wardrobe, and can be worn into Fall. Here are some cute picks from J.Crew Factory (and if you're like me and refuse to pay for shipping, you can use the code FREESHIP at checkout today):

ONE: denim jacket (I own this and love it!) / TWO: boardwalk sandals / THREE: striped ponte dress (it's pretty much the dress version of this tee -- and it would be cute to wear with boots this fall) / FOUR: striped boatneck tee (I want it in navy and black/white too #cantstopwontstop) / FIVE: sketched cotton drop shoulder tee / SIX: suede ballet flats / SEVEN: cat-eye sunnies (I love this retro pair) / EIGHT: denim shorts / NINE: skinny sweatpants (a weekend favorite!)

What's on your closet wish list?


our favorite baby books.

This weekend I started reading my first non-baby book since before Vi was born. It was really nice to read something longer than ten pages, and that didn't rhyme :) I try to read at least ten books to Vi everyday and her dad reads various NPR articles to give her exposure to different words -- and so she knows what's going on in the world :) Our favorite baby books are enjoyable for us to read aloud and they hold Violet's attention (which is obviously very important). Here are our ten favorites:

1. Goodnight Moon. I'm not surprised this book is so popular. It's easy to read and the perfect addition to a nighttime routine before bed. 
2. On the Night You Were Born. I loveee this book. It's so sweet and I'm sure we'll continue to read this to her when she gets older. 
3. Giraffe's Can't Dance. This book shares an important message for kids: being different is okay. The illustrations are really beautiful too.
4. First 100 Words. This is a great educational book to introduce your baby to a variety of different words. I usually make up a story using the words, and pointing out the pictures as I read.  
5. Moo Ba La La La - A silly little book with lots of animal sounds.
6. Jellycat Farm Tails. - This was one of the first books we bought Violet. I love the soft pages, crinkly pages, and fun, interactive animal tails.
7. Where is My Belly Button. Another favorite Jellycat soft book with peek-a-boo activities for the baby and reader.
8. 123 Chicago. This book counts to ten using Chicago's famous landmarks and symbols. It's a fun way to introduce Vi to deep dish pizza + my favorite lions at the Art Institute.  
9. 10 Little Sock Monkeys. This book reads like a song and it's easy to dance to.
10. Everyone Poops. I received this book as a gag gift from a friend years ago. I read it to Violet pretty early on and she loved staring at the bright colors and shapes. If I get sick of talking about poop I just point out the different animals and colors. I think this book will come in handy in the future when we start potty training. 

What are your favorite baby books?


friday five.

Happy Friday! You know the drill -- I'm linking up with April today to share a few things on my mind:
ONE: The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is now open to everyone! I shared some favorites last week and here is an update on my shopping cart -- I purchased two scoop-neck tees ($15.90/each) in black + white striped and beige rainy day, deconstructed tomboy skinny jeans ($44.90- LOVE them! they have the perfect amount of stretch), a vintage nike hoodie ($34.90), and a striped sweater ($24.90) for fall. I also bought these lucky brand boots, but I sent them back because they were huge.
THREE: And finally here are my favorites for your HOME: barefoot dreams cozy throw - alarm clock - crosley gold record player - gray pillow - plaid pillow - diamond braided pillow

FOUR: This "Don't Text and Drive" video is totally worth watching. It scared the crap out of me (and of course I started crying when they showed a baby). I just started driving again and I NEVER use my phone. So please, please put your phone down while you're driving. k thanks. #ItCanWait

FIVE: I know I'm really late on this one but I really love reading the short Humans of New York stories (and the sweet and supportive comments) on Facebook.

Have a great weekend!


Introducing the Publix Baby Club.

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by the Publix Baby Club. All opinions are my own.

When we moved to Charleston last year from Chicago, it took us a few weeks to settle in and find new doctors, a dentist, and a grocery store that we liked. We visited all the local chains, and now we do the majority of our grocery shopping at Publix. So I was very happy to discover the Publix Baby Club -- it’s free for parents (or expecting parents) to join. Just sign up online and you'll receive exclusive coupons for baby products (diapers, wipes, formula, lotion, baby food, and more) for your newborn - 24 month old, a quarterly newsletter, and a complimentary baby book for first time parents, approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics: The Complete and Authoritative Guide Caring For Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5
We subscribe to a monthly Honest diaper bundle but we usually run out before the next shipment, so it's really convenient to be able to stop by our local Publix and pick up extra diapers. I used a Publix Baby Club coupon to buy two packages of diapers (hooray for BOGO!) over the weekend along with a few other grocery essentials (Nutella and graham crackers!) I like the Publix brand diapers because like the Honest brand, they are unscented -- and let's be real, baby poop is bad enough without having it "covered" with sickly sweet perfume. Publix carries other baby brands that I know and trust like Johnson and Johnson, Gerber, and Nuby and a few that I'm excited for Violet to try: Plum (organic food pouches), and Munchkin (sippy cups and spoons).
The Publix Baby Club also hosts various sweepstakes and promotions on Facebook throughout the year. You can sign up for the (free) Publix Baby Club HERE


love + loathe list.

Meg (a Charleston blogger/friend) and Sarah tagged me in their Love/Hate posts, and I looove a good list -- so here it goes: 
1. #babycornflake + H... i bet you saw that one coming ;) 
2. traveling. miss it, soo much. can't wait to start up again. 
3. the color blue. #navyeverything
4. yoga.
5. baby stretches + smiles. 
6. bike rides.
7. oldies music. 
8. FaceTime.
10. dried mangoes. (these are my favorite no-sugar added, organic option) and obviously I'm totally addicted to sugary desserts too (sprinkle animal cookies, carrot cake, peanut butter m&m's, pumpkin pie, and cookie dough!)

1. cold weather. ugh. it's the worst. although I'm not sure 100-degrees with humidity is much better.
2. palmetto bugs -- aka cockroaches that fly. yikes!
3. self-checkout at the grocery store (it always takes longer)
4. cardio.
5. crohn's. 
6. mushrooms, olives, and fish.
7. when you can't fall asleep but the baby is asleep :/
8. the lack of ice cream in my freezer + belly (thanks a lot #5).
9. slow walkers people who take up the whole sidewalk and won't step aside for others. 
10. war, poverty, racism, inequality, hunger, violence, injustice... and all the other things that make my heart sad when I watch the news.

What's on your list?